Tanner Pharma Group and Lawley Pharmaceuticals Initiate Global Named Patient Program for AndroFeme® 1

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Friday 12th June 2020

Perth, Australia and Charlotte, USA – Lawley Pharmaceuticals and Tanner Pharma Group announced today that they have initiated a global named patient program for AndroFeme® 1 testosterone cream for women.

AndroFeme® 1 is licensed by Western Australian regulatory authorities and is indicated for the treatment of postmenopausal women with hypoactive sexual desire dysfunction (HSDD).

Lawley has appointed Tanner Pharma Group as its exclusive provider for the AndroFeme® 1 named patient program in countries outside of Australia, Japan, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Ireland where AndroFeme® 1 is not commercially available.

“We are very pleased to be able to provide female adults around the world with access to AndroFeme® 1 via our partnership with Lawley” said Banks Bourne, Chairman and Founder of Tanner Pharma Group.

“Partnering with Tanner gives women access to a female specific testosterone treatment for HSDD which is experienced by one in every three women aged between 40 and 65 years” said Michael Buckley, Lawley’s Medical Director.

Healthcare professionals can obtain details about the AndroFeme 1 Access Program by contacting Tanner Pharma Group at:

Telephone +44 (0) 2039 408111
Email Androfeme@tannerpharma.com


ANDROFEME® 1 is a cream containing 1% w/v (10mg/mL) testosterone B.P (17-β- Hydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one). This form of testosterone is identical to the testosterone produced by the ovaries of women and the testes of men.

About Testosterone and Hypoactive Sexual Desire Dysfunction (HSDD):

Testosterone is the primary hormone that is vital for sexual motivation and desire. Although it is commonly considered as a male hormone, testosterone is also produced by women in much smaller amounts by the ovaries and adrenal glands. Reduced or absent sexual desire, thoughts, fantasies, responsiveness to erotic cues or stimulation is very common in women over the age of 40 years. Medically any of the above symptoms that have persisted over several months or more with associated distress is classified as hypoactive sexual desire dysfunction (HSDD). Clinical studies have shown that testosterone therapy for women with HSDD and low levels of testosterone can be useful to increase desire and sexual satisfaction.

 About Lawley Pharmaceuticals:

Lawley Pharmaceuticals is an Australian company that specializes in the manufacture of pharmaceutical grade bioidentical testosterone and progesterone creams for the treatment of various endocrine deficiencies and medical conditions. Lawley Pharmaceuticals can be found on the web at https://www.lawleypharm.com.au/.

 About Tanner Pharma Group:

Tanner Pharma Group is a specialist pharmaceutical services provider based in Charlotte, USA with offices in Europe and Latin America. Over 18 years, Tanner has developed a portfolio of service offerings focused on improving the global access to medicines. Through its Managed Access Programs division, Tanner supports manufacturers by providing ethical, controlled and compliant access to their innovative medicines in countries where they are not commercially accessible. For more information, visit http://www.tannerpharma.com/.

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