Hormone solutions for men and women.

Lawley Pharmaceuticals specializes in the niche area of providing pure testosterone and progesterone pharmaceutical grade creams for use in men and women.

The human endocrine system is a sophisticated, finely balanced and interactive blend of naturally produced chemicals that we call hormones. An excess or a deficiency of any particular hormone can create a domino effect that may have a profound impact on the way our body functions, how we feel, how we act and our overall quality of life.

We believe that the body naturally provides the hormones that are best suited to its needs, and that the use of synthetic hormones runs counter to this principle.

Our philosophy centres on the use of body-identical hormones.

Founded in 1995 and privately owned, Lawley Pharmaceuticals has become a world leader in research and development of topical hormone creams with our focus mostly on the hormone testosterone.

We work in collaboration with our manufacturing partners Perrigo Australia whose world class manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and operates to the strict international codes of Good Manufacturing Practice.

Lawley provides the hormone solutions for managing many patient conditions including the next generation low dose testosterone option for men - scrotal application - and the only commercially available testosterone product specifically for use in women.

Lawley Pharmaceuticals Head Office

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